State Checks - Escheating, Stale Date and Positive Pay

Below is information regarding State warrants, also commonly referred to as "State checks."  The information pertains to procedures to be used to "escheat" a State check, as required by the Department of State Treasurer, and associated procedures for handing on NCAS, as required by the Office of the State Controller. Also below is a joint policy issued by the State Treasurer and the State Controller regarding stale date and positive pay for state checks.

Memo from the State Treasurer's Office

Escheat Procedures/Information - NCAS

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Stale Date and Positive Pay Policy
Joint Policy of the NC Department of the State Treasurer and Office of the State Controller

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The OSC is limited in the assistance it can provide regarding policies or memos originating from the NC Department of the State Treasurer.  Please direct any questions about those particular links to their office.