Inventory Control Methods

Using the Item Warehouse Entry (IWE) screen, a warehouse manager specifies controls that help him or her to know when to reorder an item. Based on these controls, the NCAS notifies the warehouse manager when recorded inventory levels for an item fall below required levels. The NCAS uses one of the following inventory controls to calculate the reorder point for inventory items:

For each of the above controls, with the exception of the external inventory control code, the NCAS calculates the timing and quantity of replenishment for each item at each warehouse. If auto-requisitioning is selected on the Item Warehouse Entry (IWE) screen, the NCAS automatically generates a requisition for the calculated quantity when it is time to reorder. If auto-requisitioning is not selected, the NCAS generates the Replenishment Action Report (RRACT) to advise the warehouse manager to create the required requisition. The NCAS does not calculate the timing and amount of replenishment when the external inventory control code is selected because it will be manually generated.

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